Let It Ride

This is the only mandatory bet. Bovada Casino offers our favorite online let it ride experience with their Let Em Ride poker game. Offline, your cards are dealt face down. Let It Ride is a poker based game that offer a potential to earn big time payouts if you are able to hit a big hand. The point is that there are similarities. The pay table for this and 15 other known Let it Ride pay tables can be found in my Let it Ride appendix 3. Other players have nothing but nice things to say about it, too.

Learn How To Play Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride’s Short History

Some casinos will let you make a bonus bet on your first 3 cards. For example, a 3-card Flush might pay 3 to 1 while a 3-card Mini Royal might pay out 50 to 1. The house edge on this bonus bet practically doubles. You might also have an opportunity to make a side bet like the bonus bet, not all casinos offer it.

Bovada provides attractive software with fluid, intuitive graphics, but they also let you play Let Them Ride online through your browser. If you have never tried the game, visit Bodog today to get started.

All of the above casinos accept US players and many also accept international clients. Bovada Casino offers our favorite online let it ride experience with their Let Em Ride poker game.

We like it because there is a progressive jackpot that climbs non-stop until someone hits it and there is plenty of money to be won. Plus, they accept USA players, offer ongoing promotions and deposit bonuses and most importantly, Bovada has a stellar reputation for fairness and player friendly actions.

It is hard to top the experience of playing Let it ride poker online at Bovada Casino. These will usually payout progressively on specific hands, and should you hit a Royal Flush and be betting the bonus circle, you could win as much as twenty-thousand times your wager. Once the bets are placed, you will be dealt three cards. After each player gets his or her cards, the dealer then places two cards face down on the table. At this point, you will look at your hand, and then you will have a decision to make.

Once all the players at the table have declared that they are either taking back their number 1 bet, or are letting it ride, one of the community cards are flipped over. You now use this card as part of the hand you are building. At this point, you have the option of pulling back the second of your three bets, or, again, Let It Ride.

One thing to remember is that even if you have already Let It Ride on the first bet, you can take back the second, however once a betting round has passed, you may not take down or post any previous bets. Once this round takes place, the second of the community cards is flipped over, and another round of decisions take place.

You will then be paid out if you have a winning hand in accordance with a progressive payout depending on the hand strength. If you have a single pair, tens or higher, you are going to get paid one to one, two pair will get you two to one, and three of a kind will get you three to one. If you manage to get a Straight, it will typically pay five to one, with a Flush paying eight to one and a Full House paying eleven to one. From here the payouts take a substantial jump, with four of a kind paying fifty to one, a straight flush paying two hundred to one, and a royal flush paying a whopping one-thousand to one.

As with all table games, the house certainly has an edge in this game. The point is that there are similarities. Our game guide will help you out. It was invented by Shuffle Master founder John Breeding in Let it ride used to be an extremely popular game.

There are two core let it ride games: In let it ride, all three bets are made at once. Everything about it is the same, other than how the betting is handled. Your objective is simple. You want to use the five community cards to make a pair of 10s or better. This is the only mandatory bet. Offline, your cards are dealt face down. Once you decide, one of the two cards is flipped over face up.

Spread four or five means the cards span four to five ranks. For example, 5,6,8 four-spread or 5,7,9 five-spread.

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