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The main benefit of banking with a credit card is safety. Accepting MasterCard might be standard practice, but the US casinos we show you here stand head and shoulders above the crowd. You do not have to pay fees while making a deposit with MasterCard. You are already aware of them — license, nice qualitative games, generous bonuses, helpful customer support and, of course, clear payment policy. Our Top Rated Mastercard Casinos. We know that you want convenience and simplicity, so our reviewers have looked beyond sign up bonuses for top US Mastercard casino accepting sites and instead examined cash-out rules, site security and the responsiveness of customer service departments. We are going to cover all that and more in this article.

Our Top Rated Mastercard Casinos

Our Top Rated Credit Card Casinos

Virgin Casino allows MasterCard for deposits, while accepting Maestro for casino deposits and withdrawals. Cryptologic, a software design company out of Ireland, has similar policies regarding MasterCard. I checked on the payment options for casino, Games, and Intercasino, three of the biggest online casinos powered by Cryptologic technology. In each case, MasterCard was allowed for deposits, but not for withdrawals. Web wallet companies like Neteller and Skrill, along with Visa credit cards , were the only options for both payments and cashouts.

As you can see, MasterCard is a little more selective than Visa about online gambling transactions. Still, most of the casinos you would use allow MasterCard payments, if not withdrawals. Getting a bank wire transfer back to your bank account might be the best option in that regard.

MasterCard began in under the name "Master Charge: The Interbank Card" when four different financial institutions came together to create their own credit-based competition for Bank of America. In , the name was eventually changed to MasterCard. Neither Visa nor MasterCard were the first charge cards, as that distinction goes to the Diners Club card that's stilled used by certain online casinos these days.

In , the payment cards changed its official name to MasterCard Worldwide, due to its expanding global reach. Over the years, many debit cards have been issued, including Switch, Solo, Everything, and Eurocard. Switch and Solo have since been merged into the Maestro debit card by MasterCard. Services such as MarketPlace and PayPass continue to be offered by some card issuers. The list fo financial institutions associated with MasterCard are countless: The wealth and power of the "duopoly" of MasterCard and Visa have had their share of critics, including Wal-Mart in the USA which joined a class-action lawsuit in and officials of the European Union.

EU officials were particularly incensed by the power shown by MasterCard in the Wikileaks case, in which some criticized the US charge network with stopping European citizens from paying Euro corporations. All of this of this underscores the reach, scope, and power of MasterCard in the worldwide economy. There are so many benefits to making your casino deposits online using credit cards like Amex and Visa. Using a credit card when you gamble online is one of the safest and most secure ways to ensure you remain protected from any questionable websites.

There are three big name credit card companies that we recommend you consider: Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. Take a look at the advantages of each one below. We know that some people prefer to avoid credit cards, as even though the advantages to having one can be quite impressive, for many the temptation to overspend can be too much. This is the new cryptocurrency on the market, which is steadily growing in popularity.

This online banking company has been around for a while now and is accepted by most online casinos recommended here on Casino. Debit cards work in a similar way to credit cards however the funds are taken straight out of your account and overspending is typically not permitted. Debit cards are a good option for those who prefer to keep a closer eye on their spending. Our team of expert reviewers inspects every online casino that accepts credit cards to make sure they meet our high standards.

As well as offering credit card banking there are plenty of other aspects that sites should feature before we give them a place on our top five list:. Safety and Security - Each of the sites recommended here has the best encryption and offers you the security protection necessary when dealing with your sensitive financial and personal information. Banking Options - As well as credit cards, casinos should offer a variety of banking methods that suit all types of players.

Bonuses and Promotions - Our featured online casinos feature substantial bonuses to give your bankroll a boost from the moment you sign up. Fast Payouts - Once you've racked up some winnings you won't want to wait to spend them.

This is why quick processing times are vital and a feature we're always on the lookout for. Game Variety - There should always be a wide selection of game types available, as well as top of the line software to make your online gambling experience as enjoyable as possible. Once you know what you're looking for, finding your perfect casino becomes a little easier.

However, there is still an incredible amount to choose from and that's where we come in. Each of our listed casinos features all of the aspects above and more, so that you can start gambling with peace of mind. Thinking about using your credit card to gamble online?

Credit cards are by far the safest and most secure way to fund your online gambling, which is why they come highly recommended by our team. Remember though, many credit card companies do charge fees on their cards, so make sure you read up on any terms and conditions before taking out a new card.

Looking for better payment methods? Learn which other payment options are available today. For the security benefits alone, credit cards are a popular form of payment. Customer service teams will freeze your account at the first hint of suspicious activity and reimburse your lost money if it gets stolen.

While there has been a history of some casinos rejecting credit card users due to the frequent rejections that occur, there is still a wealth of great casinos that do allow deposits. Vice versa, most good American credit cards will allow deposits to casinos, but you should always double check with your card provider.

The main benefit of banking with a credit card is safety. Credit cards are a very safe, secure way to deposit or withdraw funds from any online casino. Not only that, many credit card companies offer additional benefits, from payment and fraud protection to concierge services and travel protection. Yes, credit cards tend to be safer than debit cards.

Casinos Accepting Mastercard Deposits in 2018