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Here's our quick guide to playing multi-payline slots, in three simple steps:. On video slots, progressive jackpots usually are multi-tiered. Of course the lure of large payouts, often over a million dollars, give these machines the same basic psychological advantages that the lottery does. You can find penny machines that allow you to bet one penny per spin, although these are quite rare these days. Enjoy those times when they come. One of a series of Marvel themed slots, Fantastic Four is an exciting game which comes in two versions. Here are a few of the strategies that are touted as winning techniques on the Internet.

How Slot Machines Work

How to Play Online Slots: Our Top 10 Tips

It is so crucial you know […]. Whenever you sign up with an online casino you need to make sure that you check or uncheck the boxes relevant to how much contact you want from the casino. They will usually send you emails and text messages which you can opt out of. It is vital that you […]. It might not be the most obvious subject to be dealing with in a slots guide website but it is something that you should definitely keep in mind when playing online slots. I was idly browsing the internet the other day and remembered that recently a big marketing firm just bought an online casino review sites for tens of millions believe it or not this seems to happen quite often with big firms buying up portals all the time!

So I thought […]. Online casinos have been offering casino bonuses ever since their inception. Back at the start these bonuses were much lower in value but much simpler to understand and much less strict in their terms and conditions.

Veteran players have most likely seen this term hundreds of times, especially if you frequent slot review sites. For new slot players, though, the term can be […]. This article is going to be dealing mainly with land based casinos rather than online casinos. But we hope you find it interesting nonetheless. There are certain tips and tricks you can use to give yourself a small boost over the house edge, whilst there are in turn many established […].

Slot players are always on the look out for the magic formula to guarantee winnings. This is of course impossible because of the very nature of the random number generator. However there are still little things that can help us improve our chances.

The first of course is to play […]. Professional online slot players have a number of strategies they employ to give themselves the best chance possible of bringing home the bacon. Whilst the casinos and the slot machine designers will tell you that you have a higher chance of […]. The auto play function is not only used to save your hands from getting repetitive strain injury but it can also sometime be used to determine your strategy or to keep tabs on how your session is going without you having to manually work things out.

Let us take the […]. Talk to the support staff. If you have had a particularly bad run of luck, have a chat with the casino […]. Online slot oddities 1 […]. A lot of online casinos include a fee of some sort for inactive accounts. Here is an email we received explaining one such fee: Please be advised that in 28 days your account […]. Actually there is one thing worse…. I think this is probably the very first tip I ever wrote for Slots Guide back when I started this site out. It still applies two years later: A professional online slot player will always have a pen and a notebook handy.

Keeping track of wins and losses is crucial […]. We have already mentioned that unfortunately the greater majority of online slot casino portal websites and blogs should not be trusted this is also true for online poker casino portals, online bookmaker portals, etc, etc. She has a place for her laptop computer in the kitchen and takes a few spins between adding ingredients and while waiting for things to cook. Finally, a couple sports fans have let us know that part of their slot machine tips is to play their favorite online slot machines during commercials while they watch football games or baseball games.

The next big thing in your control is how much you invest per spin. This means you can play two and a half times longer on the same amount of money. If you could normally play 20 hours, now you can play When choosing a slot to play make sure you factor in the minimum bet as well as the denomination that the machine advertises. Quite often penny slots have a minimum bet of 40 cents. You can find penny machines that allow you to bet one penny per spin, although these are quite rare these days.

Most slot machines let you choose how many lines you want to bet and how many coins per line you want to commit. The key is they often force you to wager the maximum amount of coins per line to unlock the top possible payouts. They may also require a bet on every possible pay line in order to be eligible for the top payouts. You can battle the minimum coin push in a couple different ways.

You can simply ignore everything else and only activate one pay line and only play one coin per line. You may have to play a slot machine with fewer total pay lines, but you can find thousands of different slot machine set ups so you should have plenty of options to choose from.

The return percentage of a slot machine dictates how much of each dollar placed in the machine is returned to the player. This is a long term calculation and will vary in the short term.

You can see why your entire slots bankroll seems to disappear so quickly without a proper slots strategy. And in the short term, it can be hundreds per hour or you can win. Slot machines are never hot or cold. The only way to get a long-term edge against the slot machines is to cheat or hit a huge progressive jackpot and avoid playing so much that you give all of it back over time.

A slot machine is never due to pay out or hit. If you know the percentage a machine offers you can determine your expected loss rate per hour. Determine how many spins per hour you take and the amount you wager on each spin. Then multiply these two numbers and then multiply them by the payback percentage. Finally, subtract this number from the total amount wagered and you get your expected hourly loss rate. If the casino is nicer and is marketed towards the mainstream the slots will be tighter.

Additionally to these slot machine tips, you can find the best slots to play with a little bit of research, starting with our online slots page. Quite often video poker is considered in the same category as slots.

You just hit the button and hope that you get a win. Strictly Slots magazine prints payback percentage details for individual slot machines sometimes. They also have average payback numbers for different parts of the United States. Finally, the Wizard of Odds has a page covering slots payback percentages. Progressive jackpot slot machines offer both good and bad things for slots players. On one hand you can win a life-changing amount for a small investment of only a few dollars, but on the other hand, they usually have some of the lowest payback percentages in a casino.

This is a huge house edge and drains your slots bankroll at a fast rate. Of course the lure of large payouts, often over a million dollars, give these machines the same basic psychological advantages that the lottery does. This is one way the casinos get you to bet more per spin on average. Progressive jackpot slot machines have a minimum bet you have to make in order to be eligible for the top prize amount.

And the best news of all for the casino is most progressive slots have the top payout paid out by the company that designed or programmed the machine. The casino and manufacturer share the profits from the machine.

This is how some machines, called wide area progressives, can be found in numerous land based casinos or in many different online casinos. The machines are all tied together and all add to the jackpot and are eligible for the top prize. A few possible alternatives to playing a progressive machine with a high house edge are to simply not play a progressive machine or find a machine that has a smaller jackpot but offers a higher payback percentage.

Another sensible approach to a progressive jackpot slot machine is to treat it just like the lottery. Then go back to playing a machine or other game with a lower house edge. Most online casinos offer generous bonuses for slots players when they make a deposit. They all have play through requirements you must meet before you can make a cash out request, but some of them let you keep any money you have left and others deduct the bonus from your account before you can withdraw your winnings.

Imagine how much longer you can play with a big bonus. Remember the example of where you can play 10 times as long on the same amount of money by reducing your average bet and spins per hour? So instead of going from 20 hours to you can play for hours. But if you want to find a great bonus and get started playing right away simply check out any of our recommended online casinos listed on this page. They all offer generous slot machine bonuses and you can get started right away.

Before we move on from bonuses to the next section, you need to know that not all bonuses can be used to play all the games offered by an online casino. Each slot machine has its own set of rules and playing procedures. For example, you have to activate all of the paylines to be eligible for wins on every pay line and some machines have a minimum amount of coins per spin that you have to wager in order to have an opportunity to win the top payouts.

Most players assume they know everything there is to a machine and just put money in and start playing. Some slot machines have the rules printed on the machine but many have a rules screen that you access by pushing a button. As an alternative to playing slots, you could play another casino game. We have pages and sections about all of these games if you want to learn more about any or all of them.

The key is you have to find the machines with the best pay tables and use perfect strategy. Even if you want to get good enough to play break even poker, it requires quite a bit of practice, study, and work. To get to a place where you consistently win requires even more time and effort and some players never reach this point. Bingo is usually played in a room full of people so if you play live you need to enjoy social interaction.

Keno is probably the only game that can be played with less thought than slot machines.

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