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Online casinos only offer game-specific bonuses when the house edge is comparatively large. When this occurs, everyone WINS! Let it Ride first made its appearance in land-based casinos in Gambling is supposed to be entertaining! You have options for those two community cards. Yep, you read that right.

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Once this round takes place, the second of the community cards is flipped over, and another round of decisions take place. You will then be paid out if you have a winning hand in accordance with a progressive payout depending on the hand strength.

If you have a single pair, tens or higher, you are going to get paid one to one, two pair will get you two to one, and three of a kind will get you three to one. If you manage to get a Straight, it will typically pay five to one, with a Flush paying eight to one and a Full House paying eleven to one. From here the payouts take a substantial jump, with four of a kind paying fifty to one, a straight flush paying two hundred to one, and a royal flush paying a whopping one-thousand to one.

As with all table games, the house certainly has an edge in this game. There are, however, certain ways you can play the hands you are dealt that will aid in you winning more hands than you lose. In Let It Ride, you have to know when to pull back the two bets that you are able to so that you can minimize the loss on the hand. Here are some guidelines:. You should always Let It Ride in circle number 1 if: Your hand is already a winner, meaning that you have a pair of tens or better, if you have a three card Royal Flush, and when you have a three card Straight Flush.

When you hit circle number 2, you should continue to Let It Ride if: Outside of those guidelines, your chances of winning are far less. In a game where the house already has a few percent edge before the game ever starts, you need to play as optimally as possible. Let It Ride is a fast paced game , but it is still a little slower than Blackjack, so you will find your money lasting longer. You can find Let It Ride online at almost every casino , for both play money and real money, so try and hit one of those high hand bonuses today!

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I'll offer one last suggestion. All online casinos offer a free version of their site. In some jurisdictions, offering the free option to any game you list can sometimes be good for local legal reasons. Besides, most casino operators know that a person who practices on their site is likely to play a few hands on their site. This can turn into a real fan of the site a regular customer , so they offer freebie versions of their game to the gaming public.

If you can't find anywhere else to try out a new game, simply go to your favorite online casino and enjoy the freeplay version of the website. Facebook Let It Ride - It's a bad sign when you look something up on Facebook and you find a music band instead of the name you want.

The band does weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and company events, but they do not help you play casino games online for free. Let's move on to the next likeliest target. A sportsbook from Zynga is also available, but no version of Let It Ride. Speaking of sometime Facebook partners, Gamesys appears to have developed a Let It Ride application once, but it is listed as "no platforms for apps". Gamesys doesn't appear to be an option, either. If you're on those who consider mobile gaming in the same light as online gaming, then you can go online and download apps for your mobile devices which let you play Let It Ride.

Here's how to play Let It Ride with your Android phone. This download requires Android 2. Also included is a "how to play" guide, along with the full payout table. Trikal touts this game as the only Let It Ride-only game on the market, as of June After searching for more like it, I tend to concur.

I even thought Zynga Poker might include poker-influenced table games like 3-card poker and Let-It-Ride in the games list, but that didn't happen.

The application requires Android 2.

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