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For example, sex transmutation is where you transfer the energy of your libido into other purposes. Great people have done this. Most people do not succeed until they are older.

In fact, most success does not come until after you are 40 years old. He forgot to mention that George Washington was 43 when he took on the greatest military on earth. His roundtable idea is very intriguing. I do not see why anyone would not want to read this book. View all 31 comments. Let's be honest to ourselves and face the truth: Keep this constantly in mind. So, if your business is not successful, you are to blame, because you simply failed to desire it enough? This book is a perfect example of everything that is wrong in today's first-world-white-heterosexual-male-dominated economic culture.

Tell me that such ideas as "desiring it enough" would work in Somalia, hell, even in Egypt, and then we'll talk. Don't waste your time with this codswallop. Read real literature instead: View all 63 comments. Want to get rich?

Don't waste your hard earned money on "Get Rich Quick" books. View all 44 comments. As some of you know, I have an aunt that I love to bits. She has been my anchor in childhood chaos, my wise teacher, my introduction to literature and opera, my favorite playmate and a believer in "Jaidee" through all my trials, challenges and tribulations.

Anyways back to the story. I am about six and I am spending the day with her. We went to Woolworth's for grill cheese and coke, walked in the park and came to the second hand bookstore where each week we would each choose a book. I said "Auntie what is that book about?

O how I loved her winks, with her long dark blonde hair, bright red lipstick and brightly colored polyester dresses she looked like a movie star. She whispered, "Jaidee, if you close your eyes hard enough and wish hard enough and if you are good enough- money will appear".

My brown eyes must have grown huge because she said- "but only when you are with me. That whole day my eyes were closed so tightly and at the end of the day I found a quarter in my pocket. This game went on for two years until I found out the truth and I mist over thinking of the magic that wonderful woman made for me and that is only one example. Now enough sentimentality and onto the book: I have wanted to read that book since then and finally I have.

I read the updated edition and it was absolutely fascinating in a scary kind of way. Napoleon Hill was a motivational speaker who was friends with Edison, Ford and some other wealthy people and he "studied" them and came up with thirteen steps to riches. The book is engaging and full of "convenient" examples. The book is a real slice of Americanah with many examples taken from the depression and it is infused with common sense, populist thought, pseudo-mysticism, quasi psychology and philosophy and a lot of silly little exercises that if somebody tries hard enough will lead to untold riches.

Of course if you don't- you didn't try hard enough and there are fears tied in your subconscious that you have not yet overcome. There was an interesting chapter on sex transmutation. In short- turn your horniness into money- read the chapter and you will found out how. This positive thinking book is really well meaning but I just cannot give it any more than three stars despite its interesting nature due to the fact that it blames a complex problem of poverty right on the poor rather than the greed of capitalism or the myth of socialism.

Sociologists, Economists and Psychologists must cringe when they read this. It was however very interesting, lures you with its common sense, feeds on your sense of greed and if you are middle class is no more dangerous than a lottery ticket or small trip to the casino. For the millions of poor however , I think this is a harsh and dangerous slap in the face. Read it with a grain of salt, no make it a shaker of salt and for entertainment value only.

View all 51 comments. About his deaf son on page We were determined that he should live a normal life and associate with normal children, and we stood by that decision, although it cost us many heated debates with school officials. As someone who is hard-of-hearing and can function well in "normal society", yet, knows sign language, I take offense to this.

I take offense that he thinks knowing sign la About his deaf son on page I take offense that he thinks knowing sign language isn't "normal" and that he wanted his son hanging out with "normal" children.

By the end of Chapter 2, I didn't want to read anymore. Not only did I dislike his opinion about deaf children, but this entire book is about making money. And how to do so. And while his methods may work, I don't want to make a lot of money -- just enough to pay the bills. Life is about much more than getting rich.

Perfect book for you if all you care about is getting rich. View all 47 comments. I expected a practical guide to managing personal finance, but got something a little kooky. On to the next one. This is the best self help book any entrepreneur could ever read. Perhaps the only one they need to. I have it on audio too and listen to it at the gym often.

Napoleon Hill was tasked by Andrew Carnegie to write a book on what made a successful person succeed, and he spent 20 years researching and interviewing every great name of the day Ford, Woolworth, Edison, etc , plus lots of people who failed because you have to know what doesn't work too. This book is the result. I This is the best self help book any entrepreneur could ever read. It basically hammers home a single point, over and over again. Success comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a burning desire to achieve it.

Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat. View all 5 comments. When my dad introduced me to this book he made it sound like every second I wasn't reading it was wasted.

After all, the book was written in , and I hadn't ever heard of it. But I gave it a try, just so my dad would drop it. What I discovered is that rich people are rich because they're eccentric.

Well, maybe not eccentric, but definitely obsessed with the idea of making money. I guess the one good thing this book did for me was help me realize what it would take for me to be When my dad introduced me to this book he made it sound like every second I wasn't reading it was wasted. I guess the one good thing this book did for me was help me realize what it would take for me to become rich. I'd have to forget distractions, such as my family, my church, and my health, and develop an all-consuming lust for wealth.

The bottom line is that if I want money I have to love it and hunger after it and dream about it every waking minute of my life. I think Napoleon is right. Anyone that obsessed with money probably will get rich sooner or later. But I read another good book recently that took a slightly different view. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

But the only healthy obsession I can think of is one of reaching out to those around you, lifting up the downtrodden, and in fact laying up treasures in heaven. Why would I need this book to tell me how to do that when we've already got one that does its job pretty well. View all 16 comments. And while his no-bullshit insights come with a liberal dose of craziness and — well — bullshit, his overarching philosophy is spot-on.

Hill's recipe boils down to this: First, the battiness Hill's advice is always useful, even if not always Overview: First, the battiness Hill's advice is always useful, even if not always completely truthful. For instance, he repeatedly claims that "thoughts can affect mother nature.

Because thoughts do profoundly affect you. And if you think you can affect nature by thought alone, and "think" accordingly, the impact this will have on your beliefs and your actions can be profound.

He often states that a claim has been "proved" where it's simply been stated. You'll read about the transmutation of the subconscious, about how thought vibrations travel through the ether, and how to plant creativity in your subconscious via communication with the infinite intelligence. The book is heavy on mystical musings and light on facts. That said, I don't think these bits of battiness detract from Hill's core message, and if anything, my occasional outrage kept me engaged.

But Hill's advice cuts much deeper than this. It is not enough to want riches, or to wish you had them. Hill means something more radical: If you fail in this regard, you will fail to achieve your vaguely desired goal. Hill gives some concrete advice for nurturing desire. First, you must define your purpose. Only then can you become consumed by it.

Hill's recipe for making desire concrete is this: Become so obsessed with desire that you already see yourself in possession of the money But don't kid yourself into thinking desire will be enough: Take, then, this burning desire, and put all your effort behind it. I love Hill's emphasis on action: It's not enough to 'decide' you're totally committed: Cut off all sources of retreat, Hill tells us.

Burn all bridges behind you, so that you win or perish. The tone here might be a little extreme, but his message carries crisp and clear: You must have faith: Of course, this is easier said than done. One concrete way to foster faith is through autosuggestion.

The idea here is that you can come to believe something by repeating it to yourself sufficiently. Repetition of thought is powerful, and Hill claims it's the best way to influence your subconscious mind — the presumed bastion of belief. This might come off as a little crazy, but Hill elaborates: The mere reading of words is of no consequence unless you mix in strong emotions. Desire is one such emotion. Thus, if we've followed Hill's first step and developed a burning desire, it will be that much easier to apply autosuggestion to foster a sense of faith.

And believing in yourself, and in your plan, is absolutely crucial. This might all be getting a little speculative, but so far, I'm inclined to agree with Hill.

A short aside on transmutation: Hill claims that belief is "picked up by the subconscious mind and transmuted to its physical equivalent. If instead he means 'your beliefs themselves can influence physical reality,' then I disagree - or at least I would love to be presented with evidence. And indeed, you soon discover that Hill does mean the latter.

And indeed, it was!!! Wonderful host very helpful Apartment clean and spacious Great location access to rooftop jacuzzi and pool great plus Like to thank Agustin and his girl friend for making us feel welcome Bruno and Kamila. Worth staying here for the views and swimming pool alone! No complaints at all. The building is awesome!. Located, in my opinion, in one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife.

The atmosphere and house decoration was stunning. Tomas is very helpful! He suggested me a lot of places to visit and shared with me local tips. Also, he replied me in several minutes when I had some problems, I highly appreciate!. I really think to recommend this house in Tenerife to all my friends who want to go there.

We had one of the most beautiful holidays in Toma's place. The view was amazing and the sunsets was breathtaking. The house have everything that you could need: The house located in really sweet town so I recommend you go for a walk there.

Also there are a market just 5 minutes driving by a car and about 10 minutes walking by yourself. It's good to rent a car there so you can explore other towns. Must to see Loro Park!

And must to go on the mountains! We stayed in February so it was a little cold there. Pretty damn good place with everything a Triathlete could look for a perfect training base. A pool to do lap-swimming outside, a sport complex m away with indoor-pool and fitness, a running track m , a super market opposite side and strategically well located to do hilly and flat cycling hello El Teide. The place itself is furnished well, light and I felt very much home!

The kitchen utensils are good to cook more comprehensive meals. One thing I wished for was a dishwasher ;- , but hey, you cannot have it all! Will definately return once back. Tomas and Javier were great super-hosts! The apartment looks as beautiful as posted on the advertisement. It is very clean, well equipped, located in a quiet and secured area. The apartment is very close to the supermarket 10 mins walking and "La Quinta" bus station 5 mins walking.

Tomas was really helpful from the planning of our trip until the week we stay in Tenerife. He has always replied the message promptly and provided us with very useful information.

This is highly recommended! We loved our stay in Teneriffa. The appartment was wonderful and we really enjoyed the amazing view. The large pool, surrounded by a lovely garden invited us to relax. Tomas answered very fast and he helped us planning our stay in Teneriffa. We only can recommend this appartment and we would like to come back again! El apartamento es muy agradable y acogedor. Esta tal cual se ve en las fotos. Lo que no se puede plasmar en ellas es el sonido del mar, la tranquilidad del alojamiento,la luminosidad y las expectaculares vistas sobre el mar.

Best place to stay if You have a car. You can spend all day exploring the island and evenings and mornings you stay in luxury apartement. Alles in allem ist die Wohnung sehr modern eingerichtet und sie ist super ausgestattet, auch wurde die Wohnung erst vor kurzem renoviert. Zudem war die Wohnung sehr sauber und gepflegt. Sara war sehr nett und gastfreundlich.

Das einzige was man negativ direkt zur Wohnung sagen kann: Das Meerschwimmbecken auf den Bildern zu sehen und der Strandzugang sind zur Zeit nicht nutzbar, da das Becken komplett neu gebaut wird. Die Wohnung ist wirklich toll, Daumen hoch! Idealement situe pour qui veut visiter ou allez se baigner. Ansonsten hat uns die Einrichtung sehr gut gefallen. One of my best Airbnb experiences.

Brand new modern design. No amenities are missing - simply everything you may need. The apartment is shining clean. The hosts did their outmost efforts to provide with any need from batteries to sewing kit. The hosts are easy to communicate and they spare no effort to be responsive. Een erg mooi appartement waar we ons twee weken goed vermaakt hebben.

Alles in de stad was goed bereikbaar. Ook een mooi park in de buurt en leuke restaurants in de buurt. This apartment is in a fabulous central position and has everything you need for a great stay. Sara gave us detailed info. The pool was a bonus and the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. Supermarket is just up the road and you can be in an amazing restaurant e. Cocina Urbana in 4 minutes on foot. Will be returning soon. The terrace overlooking the sea is a truly quiet and relaxing place to sit.

I had a hired car so the location of this place was excellent for exploring the island. However if you have no car then the apartment is quite isolated. Be prepared for a long walk uphill before you reach a bus stop or shop.

The raised double bed is a bit difficult to climb into, but once you are used to it, it's fine. Overall I can recommend the place to everyone who wants a cozy and quiet apartment in a peaceful little village far away from the busy touristic area in the south of the Island. The view is just stunning and she is so pleasant and the village is quiet and sweet. If you want to relax right next to the ocean for a reasonable price, this place is definitely the right one for you.

El lugar es tal y como se describe. Maride and Andres were very humble hosts. We loved are stay for a week. Maride's place is bang on the beach and we were lucky to enjoy some fun in the natural pool at a low tide time.

The room is really well setup with all the things available to even cook easily for a week except the food. Amenities are just mins walk and 10 mins by car away. Its recommended to rent a car if you are on an adventurous tour like us and reach her place. The recommendations made by Andres and Maride for nearby restaurants and places to visit were spot on in terms of delicios food, total immersion in the cultural canarian cuisine, things to do as an adventurer as well as beaches to visit.

We modified our initial plan after we found that the recomendations made were really good. So anyone who visits her place with no plans made is insured.

Olaf and the cat, the pets at the property, are quite friendly and made us feel safe too, infact the place is really safe so we didn't have second thoughts on leaving things lying around in the room. Although its good to be cautious. There is a black sand beach 'playa nea' just 10 mins away by walking and we spent some good evenings there with occasional sitings of rainbow. The place Boca Canrejo is not so far away from most of the not so touristy good places to visit in the north like playa de las teresitas and the Anaga mountains.

Not making this review longer, I would end up by saying that we would be glad to come back to her place again as this is an excellent place to stay if you are on an adventure holiday and like to get immersed in the local culture and nature. Antonio the neighbour is very friendly and it's nice to have a chat when you go back home or drink something together.

We were having breakfast every morning outside on the small terrace looking and the sea and drinking coffee, it was amazing! Thanks for hosting us, if we ever go back to Tenerife I will definitely try to go back to your studio! We had a fabulous stay in Monica's apartment. Very modern, clean and has everything that you might need. The pool area was tidy and quiet, with sunbeds available everyday when we arrived.

We recommend the little gelateria try the coconut flavour! This apartment is probably the nicest "sun-holiday" apartment I have stayed in!

Soggiorno da favola in un appartamento arredato con gusto, dotato di tutti i confort e sito in una posizione eccellente. Tutti i loro accorgimenti, tutte le informazioni e le attenzioni ricevute hanno reso perfetto il nostro soggiorno a Tenerife.

I had a superb time at Monica's apartment. Both herself and Husband Maurizio are awesome hosts. I visited Tenerife for my Boyfriends Birthday and prior to the trip she found me a wonderful day Spa and lovely Beach Club restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

She was always on call for anything we needed! The apartment itself is exactly how you see it in the pictures, lovely decor, very clean and equipped with all that you need; tea coffee milk and sugar, kitchen utensils, Toastie maker to shower gel and toilet paper. All you have to do is bring yourself, everything you need will already be there, guaranteed!

Thats including beach towels, a washer and detergent to do your washing. I would highly recommend anyone stay here, taxis, local convenience stores, restaurants and beaches are all a short walk from the apartment too. You really can't get anything better for this price! Thank you for having us Monica, we will definitely be back! My boyfriend and I had an amazing stay in Tenerife. Fab location, apartment is just as it appears in the pictures and Monica provided drinks on arrival and condiments. Nuestra estancia ha sido perfecta.

Un piso ideal,muy limpio,decorado con mucho gusto y dotado d todo ct puedas necesitar Todo con mucho detalle Das Apartment war genau so liebevoll und modern wie auf den Fotos eingerichtet. Es war wirklich sehr, sehr sauber. Nella vicinanze sono presenti tutti i servizi necessari, supermercati, fermata taxi e bus, bar e ristoranti. Es excepcional , muy amable. We stayed over for a night because it is really close to the airport.

We were really glad to have met them because they have guided us on things to do in Tenerife and helped us to make bookings on tours and stuff and recommendations on where to eat. We were even given a painting during our stay. Ihr seid mehr als nur Gastgeber, ihr werdet zu Freunden. Das Haus ist liebevoll eingerichtet. Ich hatte ein eigenes Zimmer mit riesigem Bett und eigenem Bad mit warmen Wasser. Travel is not only the places you visit. Travel is those people you meet and which make your travel so much positive.

Africa is that person. She is a very energetic and positive person and she made our stay so pleasant. Very warm and eclectic home with generous and friendly hosts. Africa was so kind as to help me with my cab, despite running into some issues at 5 in the morning she never once made me feel like anything but at home!

She provided many small amenities, shared invaluable info about the island and was an absolute pleasure to get to know. This BnB is highly recommended! She helps a lot with travel plans whats must-see on the island and what to avoid , draws small maps to guide her guests and enjoys deep and humorous conversations with them. The rooms are spacious and clean and we didn't miss a thing. In the morning we had our breakfast on the sunny terrace with a view to the ocean.

The location of the BnB is great, as it is near the highway 'Autopista Sur' but you hear no traffic noise, not even from the airport and you can reach all the important parts of the south in short time periods. For us it felt like we came as guests and left as friends. Non abbiamo visto David ma una sua amica molto gentile, la casa era perfetta e l'ubicazione molto bella.

House was well suited to our needs. Look at the pictures before booking - it includes two single beds and one double bed, the latter of which is on the floor and has no bed frame.

Communication wasn't great - we weren't informed that we should let our host know when we were almost there so nobody was home when we arrived. After arriving repairmen had to come fix the water heater and tv, and the kitchen light was supposed to be fixed but never was. The location was nice, the house was adequate and had features that made it worth the price, but based on the photos and description we were definitely expecting more from it.

And if you have a large party, the wifi only works in one bedroom and sitting area, not through the house, which could cause some inconvenience. El apartamento es muy agradable y grande. Hay un garaje con unas escaleras que suben directamente al piso. The house has a nice atmosphere. It offers amazing view on the ocean. The area is quiet and relaxing. The kitchen tap is bit loose and the quality of some sofas is bit outdated.

The private garage was handy as well. Overall, it has been a nice experience. Fue estupendo, casa espaciosa, limpia y mucha tranquilidad. We spend one week in Kays beautiful seaview appartment and it was just perfect.

The space was large enough, modern, clean, luxurious and kidsproof. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming, we felt right at home. You can lunch or have dinner on the sunny and spacious balcony with spectacular views on the El Teide and the sea. Nearby beach San Marco is less then 10 min by car, has black sand and some nice places for a coffee or a pizza. Groceries can be done in nearby Icod, also about 10min a drive. Lots of stuff to do and see in the area, from pittoresque mountain village Masca, to a dolphin and orca shows boasting zoo Loro Parque , hiking in the forests of Aguamansa, and a whole lot more.

If you are looking for a very good, not too expensive Spanish restaurant in Icod, try El Mortero. All in all highly recommended! So comfortable and enjoyable. Also, note the parking garage is very tight to move around in, be careful to not damage your car parking. Die Appartements befinden sich in einem Mehrfamilienhaus und sind einfach eingerichtet.

Die Aussicht von der Terrasse ist traumhaft. Alles war unkompliziert und verlief reibungslos. Nochmals vielen Dank an Euch. Apartment C is beautiful. The apartment is well designed, and the hospitality is top notch! Check in and check out is seamless and easy. The view is beautiful, although it was unfortunately raining during our stay so we couldn't take full advantage of the large patio and plunge pool.

The neighborhood is very quite, so it's a perfect place for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway. The bodega is a really nice touch. Thank you for a great stay! Great apartment with outstanding outdoor areas. Outstanding communication and exactly if not better than you'd expect after looking at the pictures. We traveled with our 10 month baby, and found the facilities and apartment perfect for our needs. It's a great base in exploring the south and north of the island, quiet and peaceful, away from the busy resorts.

It's about 20 mins drive to Los Cristianos and 25 mins to Santa Cruz. Place was cozy, clean and we had everything that we needed. View from the balcony was fantastic. Francisco was quick to reply but i needed to use Hidden by Airbnb translate at times as responses were in Spanish. It wasn't a problem really. Thanks Francisco for letting us check out later than usual.

We highly recommend your place! Es gibt viele Nachbarn, die zum Teil sehr laut sind. Der Gastgeber ist sehr freundlich, spricht aber leider nur Spanisch. Francisco and his family is super welcoming and the apartment was just perfect for us. It is a very quiet neighborhood in a small village at the east side of the island. Worth to mention is definitely the super well equipped kitchen. We even cooked our own tortilla de patatas: Another aspect is the own swimming pool in the inner court.

However we walked anyway to the beach which is in walking distance. A car is definitely recommended to further explore the island. The parking situation is easy and you can park directly in front of the house. Francisco and his wife where a great help ensuring we had everything we needed! Would absolutely recommend it!! L'endroit est vraiment calme et reposant!! Great home base when exploring the island. Price was great for the value.

Wifi would be a great addition - be aware that there is no wifi! Place was very clean. Would definitely consider staying here again! My stay at Francisco's apartment was great. Close to Tenerife South Airport 16 minutes by cab.

Make sure you get your basic Spanish phrases down, as English is seldom spoken. I'd recommend renting a car so you can get around and see the island a bit. Especially the mountains, they're worth the trip. No wifi, but it was nice to disconnect there's still cell reception at the house so you're not fully disconnected.

The view is unbeatable from the apartment. Make breakfast at home and watch the sunrise! Een heerlijk verblijf op een prachtige, rustige en schone locatie. Auto huur aan te raden.

Meer dan waard voor het geld. Beautiful apartment in front of the ocean. I spent an awesome holiday with my girlfriend. Very suggested for couples. It is an amazing place highly recommended. Andres is careful and we felt like home at the first second.

Die Fotos zeigen wirklich ganz ehrlich was einen erwartet. Auch absoluter Wahnsinn hier in den Bergen. Wow, where do I start! This flat is everything that it says it is in the pictures. Clean, had everything we needed to relax. So beautiful - the location will have you screaming with delight. You can hear the sounds of the sea all over the flat the sun also rises on the side where the bedroom is so if you like the sun hitting you in the face in the morning you are going to love it!

Perfect place and we'd love to come back soon. Andres was really helpful and a great host. La vue depuis l'appartement est splendide.

Maria Adela and Luis are very friendly and welcoming hosts! Even though we didn't really have a language in common, it all went smoothly and we had a great time in Puerto de la Cruz. The appartment is really big an comfortable and everything was very clean and tidy.

They even provided some stuff for breakfast. We would definitely book it again. Elegante como un hotel y con tadas las ventajas y la liberta que te permite un piso. Ademas muy bien situado. Los anfitriones muy disponibles y detallistas. Es un apartamento muy recomendable.

Adela y Luis han estado pendientes de nosotros en todo momento. Llegamos en un vuelo nocturno a la isla y llegamos al apartamento bastante tarde. La verdad es que te sientes como en casa. Sin duda, consideramos que nuestra estancia en este apartamento ha sido un acierto. Leuke plek middenin het centrum van Puerto de la Cruz. Heel schoon en de supermarkt bijna naast de deur. Gelegen in voetgangersgebied waar het 's avonds lekker rustig is.

Slaapkamer gelegen aan kleine binnenplaats, waar geen zon komt. Besides picking us up from the bus-station, both hosts were very open, friendly and warm, willing to explain everything about the apartment and offering us to get in touch at any time during our stay if we needed further help, explanations or advice on what to do in Puerto de la Cruz.

As mentioned above, it were not only the charming hosts that made our stay a really pleasant experience. The apartment itself is beautifully decorated, with a lot of attention to details: Ranging from colorful pillows, nice art and tasteful furniture even the smell is taken care of with scented wood.

The equipment is equally impressive: Next to a fully equipped kitchen there is also a hairdryer, an iron and ironing board, a laundry machine and beach towels, so that you don't have to bring your own. Upon arrival there was a huge bowl filled with fresh melons, apples and pears; another bowl was filled with chocolate, and the fridge held fresh milk and orange juice besides many different marmalades, while there was also plenty of toast, so that even the breakfast was already taken care of.

The apartment's location is right in the city-centre of Puerto de La Cruz, and therefore nothing short of perfect. It's right next to the beach, shops, cafes, restaurants, bus-stations and very close to all major sights in the city.

If we ever get back to Tenerife, we will most certainly stay right there again. Me and my girlfriend came to Daniel's apartment for 8 days at the end of April and the apartment exceeded all expectations! Daniel was super helpful before and during the holiday - he willingly booked a taxi for us and helped us book at restaurants when there were language barriers!

He was always on hand to give us tips and advice on where to go - he recommended two sunset bars which were incredible. Check in and check out were simple - we were met upon arrival and told all information that we needed to know and Daniel had put some treats in the fridge to greet us with!

The apartment is clean, fully equipped to make a meal or two and the view from the large windows is beautiful! There is a washing machine, iron, microwave, coffee machine, convection hobs, toaster and kettle.

The internet is fast, there was a netflix account that we could use which was great when we wanted a break from the sun and the bed was large and comfortable. The location is incredibly peaceful no tourists! We also drove to the south of the island only an hours drive and visited the waterpark Siam Park which was great and Playa San Juan - a fishing village with a beach.

We would come back to Daniel's apartment instantly if we could - it was an incredible holiday and Daniel is the best host we have ever had! A wonderful stay in Tenerife!

Daniel's flat is perfectly located to explore the north of the island. We traveled with our baby and Daniel kindly ensured that we had everything we needed in the flat cot bed, high chair, etc.

He's been a great host and I would strongly recommend his flat! Daniel ist ein toller Gastgeber gewesen. Er hat uns mit vielen Tips zur Seite gestanden und war immer sehr gut erreichbar. Das Appartment war auch toll. Alles da was man brauchte und ein Lidl ist direkt um die Ecke. Unser Auto konnten wir in der Garage parken. Auf dem Tv war sogar Netflix installiert, so dass man auch die ein oder andere Folge seiner Lieblingsserie schauen konnte.

We loved staying here! The welcome was clear from the moment we booked, as communication with Daniel was excellent. He sent us lot's of tips and advice about the local area. It was lovely to wake up each day and see the view out to the pool and the sea. There were no surprises, as the apartment is exactly how it looks from the great photos. Very clean and a pleasure to stay there. In a word, perfect! A beautiful, spacious apartment with stunning views over the pool and ocean.

Daniel was incredible from start to finish The pool and patio area are very spacious and we often had it to ourselves. We felt totally at home in this wonderful place and would recommend to anyone, muchos gracias Daniel!!!

Me gustaria de dar las gracias de nuevo a Daniel y aconsejarle por otro visitante. We really liked the beautiful area around the flat and the view on the seaside. Daniel is definitely a super host, he made sure that we have a lot of information about what to do and was always available for questions and suggestions on Hidden by Airbnb. We would definitely recommend Daniel and his flat! El estudio es tal y como se aprecia en el anuncio, las vistas al mar y al Teide son geniales y la zona bastante tranquila.

A ciertas horas es bastante complicado encontrar aparcamiento pero con un poco de paciencia se consigue. It was really a lovely stay with a great view! Great value for the price. Maria is so sweet and helpful!! She met us for check in and since the pool was closed she gave us tickets for the Lago martianez. It was a very lovely stay, everything looks like in the pictures.

The big balcony has a great view to the ocean and the Beach is close. The Appartement is well equipped for cooking. They were very flexible for the checkin. We were much earlier than planned even though they were available! I would highly recommend this Appartement: Very nice and clean studio. Maria was very friendly host! Perfectly located near the sea pools and all good restaurants. Perfectamente ubicada dentro de Pto de la Cruz,la fotos reflejan fielmente lo que encuentras a tu llegada.

Very kind and supportive person. The studio is very clean and well equipped. The view of the ocean, cliffs and Teide is wonderful - it makes every morning really special.

Super-market is very close so there is no need to do any distant trips in order to make everyday shopping - 2 min walk. I definitely recommend the studio.

If I come back to Tenerife one day I will choose that place again without any hesitation. It is a very good quality for the very good price.

If you're looking for a quiet and neat place to stay, Dina's place is the one. Although we didn't spent many time with Dinah, you can notice she's a lovely person. You can feel very comfortable in Dinah and Robert house. They are very nice and open people. Great atmosphere, lovely dogs, beautiful view on Teide and ocean, clean cosy room, near parking spot and silence! Very nice homely place. Robert and Dinah are awesome hosts. Great outdoor communal areas.

The location is fine for a base to disover the island. The car parking place is only about yards around the corner. If you are considering then don't hesitate, it is well worth staying here.

Nette Gastgeber, top Haus, man hat was man braucht. It was a great pleasure to stay with Dinah and Robert. This wonderful family is so warm, friendly and welcoming.

They are always ready to help with advice or anything else. We really enjoied our time there and our communication! There is also a lovely dog, who is veeeery smart and kind: The room was nice and clean, it exactly corresponds with the pictures.

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