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Are they restricted to just slot games? What games can I play? Which ones are more popular? Are free games the same as the real money variations? Can I play on a mobile device? Can I play on a Mac? Online Slots Review Listings. Want instant access to your winnings? It is associated with strict ritual proscriptions regarding the mothers. They prepare round loafs of bread, brush the top in honey and share with the community for the health of their children.

In the Rhodope mountains, this day is called Day of the Mother of God. The feast involves young brides who have not given birth yet with the hope to deliver a baby over the year. At the start of the month of February, the people observe the day of the most horrible, according to our ancestors, disease — the Plague.

The tradition dictates on February 10 St. The popular belief is that St Haralambos is the protector of those suffering from various diseases and helps those who have lost their sight. The saint is also the winter patron of all beekeepers.

On February 11, we celebrate the day of St. Vlas or Mukov day. This feast is devoted to the healing skills of St. Vlas who is taken to be the patron of the yoked cattle and protects them from diseases. During the month of February, we also have the days called Zagovezni Shrove Sunday. These are moving holidays and set the start of the Orthodox. Bulgaria in Brief 9 Easter Lent.

When the Orthodox Easter takes place later in the spring, the Shrove Sunday holidays may occur in March. Meat Shrove Sunday, this year on February 11 is eight weeks before Easter and always falls on a Sunday.

The name reflects the traditional meat dishes prepared on this day. No meat will be eaten from this day until Easter. The Saturday before Meat Zagovezni is the day when everywhere in the country people will commemorate the faithful departed and is called the Great Zadushnica or Great Odusha. This year, this day falls on February The Sunday afterwards is Sirni Zagovezni, i.

Cheese Shrove Sunday this year on February 18 while the days of the week just before are called Sirnitsa, i. The traditions and rituals performed during these days are related to the transition from winter to spring. The week ends with Sirni Pokladi or the Day of Atonement. This day is devoted to visits with the younger dutifully coming to the homes of their older relatives — parents, older siblings, wedding witnesses.

They kiss their hand and ask for forgiveness. From this day onward, the proper Easter Lent starts. One of the most typical and interesting customs for this period is lighting and jumping over bonfires with the idea that this should ritually purify the space after the hard winter.

Strict ritual proscriptions are observed because there exists the superstition that these days are particularly dangerous for people.

The specific customs of interest during this period is swinging the dogs against rabies, the trimerene three-day fasting and the horse races. The most attractive event from this week though are undeniably the Kukeri games. In the different regions of the country, the Kukeri have different names — kukeri, babugeri, dervish, kamilari arapi i.

Arab camel herders etc. Only men participate in these masked games. Their colourful costumes and horrifying masks, the typical loud chime of cattle bells and rattles, the ritual walking around the settlement bring in a note of mysticism and transport us in a sacred space between two worlds.

They contribute to our feeling of tranquillity and certainty that the good will always win. Wine Tourism in Bulgaria More and more wineries in Bulgaria become aware of the need to have appropriate state-of-the-art conditions in place for wine tourism which has been gaining in popularity all over the world.

The reason is the fact that wine is an ancient drink imbued with mythology and symbolism and constitutes an important part of the culture of any place where it is made. In some powerful wine-producing countries, this is a matter of state or regional politics.

In Bulgaria, the first who have been successful in this respect are the wineries from the Struma river valley. They created a joint wine itinerary and compiled a wine map as can be seen on www. Most cellars, especially the recent ones, are built in the middle of vineyards in locations with inimitable natural vistas which guarantee that the visit will be genuinely delightful! There are also the consistently traditional cellars such as Starosel or Medovo… And since art and wine have always inspired each other, now you also have the opportunity to experience the combined pleasure: Good morning Good day Good evening Hallo How are you?

Shopping How much does this cost? Where can I buy? At the stand of Sofia you will find a lot of sports animations and surprises. On February 14, at 1 pm you will also have the opportunity to attend a sports presentation which will be held in Pirin Hall, Inter Expo Center.

Sofia - a city with rich cultural and historical heritage Sofia outshines many other European cities with its rich cultural and historical heritage. This is an online guide offering recommendations for routes, entertainment, recreation, as well as 3D models of some of the most famous architectural monuments in Bulgaria.

Through a mobile app you will be able to become part of an animated history and learn more about a given place by taking a virtual walk around it. At the stand of Sofia you will receive leaflets and maps of the city as well as information about tourist sites, attractions and events in Sofia. You will also have the opportunity to buy souvenirs. Sofia Municipality 33, Moskovska Str. Half of the foreign direct investments in Bulgaria are concentrated in the capital.

One third of the annual tax revenues in the national budget come from Sofia. The region occupies the central part of the Sofia Plain with average altitude of m and it is encircled by the Balkan Mountains in the north and the Vitosha Mountain and the Lyulin Mountain in the south. The Vitosha Mountain is an international winter sports destination. From ancient times, Sofia was wellknown as a spa centre, thanks to its 18 healing mineral and thermal springs. Those springs are depicted on its cote-of-arms and have been drawing settlers and conquerors from ancient times to these days.

The city situated in the center of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia has been the official center of the Bulgarian nation for years, since shortly after the liberation of the country it was declared the capital of Bulgaria. Sofia has been the capital of Bulgaria since April 3, It is the permanent seat of the National Assembly the Parliament , the President, the Council of Ministers, the central governing.

Sofia accommodates also the cultural institutions in Bulgaria. It has been given several names in the course of history.

When the city became part of the Bulgarian state at the beginning of the ninth century it acquired this Slavic name and it was soon recognized as one of the most important feudal towns. Sofia the holy Lady of wisdom , inspired by the name of the church St.

The socialist realism and the dynamic changes of modernity are still defining the development of Sofia and are also part of its inextinguishable charm. While walking on the streets of Sofia today, people can still see the remnants from older civilizations can still be seen. As early as the Neolithic age the territory of the present-day million city was inhabited by primitive societies.

Archaeologists continue to discover implements and tools from the Stone, Copper and Bronze ages in the city and in its vicinity. There are more than 70 Eastern Orthodox churches and monasteries, many of which have become emblematic for the Bulgarian capital. The city center is an eclectic mix of communist era neoclassical and West European architecture, which enchants with its aristocratic atmosphere the Eastern charm. The sculpture of the great writer and public figure Aleko Konstantinov is situated at the begging of the street.

The monument of the writer is a standing bronze figure, made by the sculptor Boris Borisov and the architect Plamen Tsanev. The bridge was built in by Adolf Vaclav Kolar and Vaclac Proshek and it gives nowadays the name to the important and busy juncture at which it is located. It was completed in and opened for performances in Ivan Vazov National Theatre is the oldest and most authoritative theatre in Bulgaria after the Liberation.

Some of the Bulgarian most important state buildings are located near the square, which is why it was used for official protocol ceremonies and other public appearances, including civil protests.

It is the central square of the capital both because of the importance of these buildings and archeological monument next to it and because of its central and key transport location in the city. The Monument to the Unknown Soldier commemorates the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian soldiers who died in wars defending their homeland.

The monument features an eternal flame, turf from Stara Zagora and Shipka Pass, sits of the two of the most important battles during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation. The V-VI century complex is located in front of the Basilica and it is protected by a glass construction that allows a view from above.

This is the only tomb of Late Antiquity in Bulgaria, where the name of the deceased is given, with the inscription in both Latin and Greek. The place for which all tourists make a beeline is the St. Alexander Nevski Temple Church. Alexander Nevski, the patron Saint of the Tsar and the Romanov dynasty. The foundation stone was laid in but the building was not completed until Built in by Russian workmen, this church is situated on the corner of Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. The high dome is surrounded by four smaller domes.

The external decoration of the Russian Church is a joy to behold with its exquisite and rich colors. The red brick rotunda church of St. George is considered to be the oldest building in Sofia. It is situated behind the Balkan Hotel, amid remains of the ancient town of Serdica. Three layers of frescoes have been discovered inside the church, the earliest dating back to the 10th century. Magnificent frescoes of 22 prophets over 2 meters tall crown the dome.

After long years of hard work on the project by a large team of archeologists, historians, architects and preservationists, the capital residents and visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with the rich archeological heritage of Sofia. The Parliament National Assembly building, listed as a cultural monument, is situated on the square of the same name with Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

It was built in three stages from to , on plans of the Viennese architect Yovanovich. The edifice of the university was constructed between and with the financial support of the brothers Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi, whose sculptures are now featured on its facade.

Sveta Nedelya Cathedral Church - it is located in the very heart of the city center and has years history. The cathedral is home of the Sofia bishopric part of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. This medieval church has suffered destruction through the ages and after many reconstructions become one of the landmarks of Sofia.

Boyana Church - beautifully preserved monument of the Bulgarian medieval art with over murals. It symbolized the Jewish community of Bulgaria for over a century. The central Synagogue is the only Jewish house of worship in Sofia and one of the two functioning in Bulgaria with the one in Plovdiv. The Banya Bashi Mosque was built in 16th century and it is the only functioning mosque in Sofia. The mosque is a remnant of the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria. The most outstanding feature of the mosque is the fact that it was actually built over natural thermal spas.

The bazaar offers fresh vegetables and food, unique Bulgarian souvenirs, spices from Bulgaria and the Middle East. Unique mineralogical museum keeps more than 20 8 samples collected all over the world. Museum contents more than exhibits and is one of the largest history museums on the 10 recent Thracian gold discoveries. Permanent and temporally exhibitions at: The richest museum of natural history on the Balkans. Over a million specimens of animals, plants and minerals.

Sofia , 3, Prof. Tue - Sun, It offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy 13 theme exhibitions trough interactive educational games and different spaces for creative activities. In its collection there are more than 42 works of art from Bulgaria, Europe, Asia, America and Africa. The departments of the National Gallery are: Tuesday — Sunday , Alexander Nevsky Square 1, 19 February Str.

The works widely present the period of the Bulgarian Revival from 19th century and the modern and contemporary national art till the end of the 20th century.

It is uniquely harmonized with art from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Museum of Christian Art at the Crypt of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia, 1, St. It includes the period from the official Christianisation of the Roman Empire in the 4th century untill the Bulgarian Revival 17th — 19th centuries: Museum of Christian Art. The museum offers an exhibition hall and a sculpture park with typical works for this time and style — portraits of communist leaders, compositions with partisans, workers, farmers etc.

Number of stars according to the Bulgarian classification. EURO - Strategically located in the heart of the city, right next to the major government institutions, business centers and banks, as well as some cultural and historical places, the luxurious Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel is an excellent choice for business and cultural trips.

Grand Hotel Sofia 1, Gen. The hotel features unique spacious rooms of over 50 sq. All rooms have air condition with individually controlled temperature, satellite and pay TV, inroom safe and electronic lock system, separate bathtub and shower cabin, bathroom telephone. Direct international dial telephones, voicemail messaging and high speed Internet access. In close proximity to Sofia Airport and the city centre. EURO - Located in the heart of Sofia, it is ideally situated just a stroll from the business and commercial district.

Archways of ceiling-high columns, distinctly constructed doors and moldings, and imported Italian marble floors outline the lobby of the hotel. Offers splendid, soundproof rooms and suites, including one Presidential Suite, 17 spacious suites, 17 smart rooms and 71 non-smoking rooms. Crystal Palace Hotel 14, Shipka Str. EURO - EUR 69 — Take advantage and enjoy the central location of the Best Western Hotel Expo in the heart of the business area of the Bulgarian capital and just within 7 minute drive from Airport Sofia.

Complimentary shuttle service to and from Sofia International Airport, just within 7 minute drive. Enjoy the central city landmarks by taking the Metro which is situated just front of the hotel. Crystal Palace is one of the best 4-star hotels in Sofia because of its great architecture and city center location.

Free Internet; Meeting facilities up to 60 persons; Restaurant and lobby bar; Fitness, sauna, solarium and massage for maximum guest comfort.

The hotel has 54 rooms and 6 twobedroom apartments. The top-floor sky-bar offers privacy and views of Vitosha Mountain.

Breakfast is enjoyable and energizing with mooding. Strategically located in the most intensely developing quarter of Sofia, in close proximity to Sofia Business Park, Vitosha Mountain and the Gondola lift, Sofia Airport, the Southern Arc of the Ring Road, the elegant Hotel GRAMI is an excellent choice for both business and leisure guests and for tourists arriving for leisure, cultural and sporting purposes.

Our friendly and smiling staff is available at all times to answer your questions and needs. Part of the largest hotel chain in the world - Best Western - with more than hotels worldwide. The hotel offers easy access of shopping areas, dining and leisure options via Metro, public transport or taxi. The Maria Luisa hotel occupies an exquisite building dating back to the turn of the last century and considered one of the national cultural monuments.

It is situated in the very heart of Sofia in close proximity to significant business and administrative centers, Ministries and Central shop markets. All rooms are beautifully appointed, with luxury in-suite bathrooms, cable TV, audio equipment, direct telephone connection, internet access. Single - 31, Double - , Suites - 11, Corner Studios - 16, Panorama apartments - 2 Stylish urban hotel with unconventional design welcomes you at the eastern gate of the capital city — 3 km away from Sofia Airport, 4 km from Business Park Sofia and within a walking distance from the International Expo Centre IEC and The Mall shopping centre.

Discreet and thoughtful service, feel-at-home sensation and varied entertainment make your stay a memorable experience. Either you come for business, for a meeting or with your family, you will be fascinated by the modern atmosphere and functionality of its design. WIFI is free of charge in all hotel spaces.

Parking is free for all hotel guests. EURO 45 14 rooms and 3 suites. The Amphora family hotel offers you the opportunity to combine your business engagements in the Bulgarian capital with a nice rest on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain. The hotel is situated on the main road from Sofia to the towns of Knyazhevo and Vladaya and is only 5 min. At the hotel a guarded parking lot is also available. With 84 standard Ibis rooms, a summer garden restaurant and 4 meeting rooms, free WiFi, business corner and office by day services, Ibis 5 Dondukov blvd.

Hotel is perfect for business trips and a smart Tel. Metro; Tram - 20, 22, 23 Map D3 Located in the most attractive part of the city centre, the hotel is next to major government institutions, cultural sites and tourist venues.

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