Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Zero Side Story: His light techniques were called "Luminizers", and the Color Timer is referred to as the "Biotic Sensor. Years later a wandering monster hunter stumbled upon the legendary Spark Lens beside a monster she had just killed, not knowing what it was she keep it but when she approached a village under attack by a monster the Spark Lens started to shiver. But the battle wasn't over. After Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel, Tiga is assumed to have returned to normal and went back to his universe in the form of a ball of light like the other Spark Dolls.

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This rejuvenation allowed Tiga to transform into his Glitter form with tremendous power and destroy the evil god and now Tiga's time on Earth was done. However, Tiga's victory came at a cost: Daigo lost his power and couldn't transform to Ultraman Tiga anymore after the Spark Lens disintegrated into dust after his final battle.

However with this, Daigo tells Rena he believes that every human could also become light with their own power. To the Shining Ones. Two years after Tiga defeated Gatanothor, Daigo and Rena had become engaged with the date of their marriage fast approaching. Upon the intervention of Camearra, Tiga's former comrade, Daigo began having visions and nightmares until one where he was beaten by the human forms of the three Dark Ultras until he was given another Spark Lens and told to go to Lulu Island where Camearra and her loyal partners waited.

The spirit of Yuzare explained to Tiga what became of the giant's civilization, Camearra, Tiga and the other two dark giants had caused a civil war amongst the Earthbound Ultras, having them destroy themselves until only a few were left. She explained Camearra's plan, the three were trapped behind a barrier on Lulu Island that would hold for a century but if he used the power of darkness the barrier would shatter.

Daigo decided to deal with his past life's unfinished business and set out for R'lyeh Island with GUTS and his wife arriving shortly after him. This transformation broke the pyramid of Light that bound the Dark Giants to the island, but before they enjoyed their freedom, they were pitted against their former friend.

Tiga fought against his two past partners, Hudra and Darramb. Refusing their offer to join them, Tiga fought them both, one at a time, and barely managed to defeat them both, after absorbing their dark energy, he was able to dispel portions of the the darkness inside him and achieve purer forms of himself. After finishing off his former comrade, Tiga finally fought Camearra herself, who was not holding back against her old lover.

Camearra was about to destroy the Jet, but Tiga shielded Rena with his own body. This act of benevolence dispelled the last of his darkness completely and he was returned to his normal form. But the battle wasn't over. Enraged that her former lover had found a new beloved, Camearra awakened the Darkness from the depths of the island, and merged with it, becoming her ultimate form; Demonzour.

The gaseous beast attacked Tiga, who was unable to fight back. After a short battle, Tiga was killed by Demonzour, and Camearra was ready to destroy the world. But the souls of the fallen warriors of the R'lyeh island gave their remaining power to Tiga, reviving and transforming him once again into his Glitter form. This time Demonzoura could not harm him so she grabbed him and absorbed him into herself where his Light was unleashed.

Later after Daigo had returned to human form he found the dying body of Camearra, who confessed that she once wished for the power of light as well. Daigo held her hand as the darkness's grip on her was relinquished and she died a pure soul.

This was Daigo's final battle as Tiga, and the legacy of mankind's protector was passed onto Tiga's successor, Ultraman Dyna , to defend the Earth in Tiga's place. Although Daigo doesn't appear in the movie, Tiga reappeared because of humanity's hope to save Ultraman Dyna, with both of the Ultra warriors managing to destroy Queen Monera.

Warriors of the Star of Light. Just like before, this Tiga alongside Dyna appeared due to Tsutomu's desire to save Gaia and to defeat King of Mons and his allies. All of this came about by a ball that granted wishes. Tiga battle Scylla and managed to destroy him with the Zepellion Ray. The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace. In the war, Ultraman Tiga faced Golza but in their midst battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls.

With the war over an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll but he was kept within his Spark Device and fell alongside other Spark Dolls to Earth. It was revealed that Tiga was part of Dark Lugiel's collection. Tiga Dark attacked Jean-Killer and severely damaged him so much that it made him revert back to his Human Host, Tomoya.

At the moment Hikaru discovered that Tomoya was the one controlling the gargantuan robot, but while wondering who attacked him, Tiga Dark appeared before them.

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