Freemium Gaming: What Candy Crush and Online Slots have in Common

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Overview of Features

The description of Candy Crush Casino Slots

The information below lists the different bonus features. If you match the colour before the next spin, you win a multiplier. Color Bomb — To explode the reels, you simply need to match five of the same pieces of candy. When this happens, a colour bomb appears and will shatter the entire screen. Candy Cane — This feature is only available to players that have earned a level 10 or up.

Land a candy cane on any of the reels and the candy cane will explode all of the candies within the same row and column. Cotton Candy — This feature is open to players who have achieved level 20 or up. Land the cotton candy symbol and a tornado will appear which will sweep away other symbols and help to complete winning combinations.

Jelly Beans — The Jelly Bean feature is open to players who have earn at least a Level 12 in the game. Land a Jelly Bean and watch as it flies across the screen. When it lands — it explodes anything touching it. You can win anywhere from 1 — 5 Jelly Beans. Caramel Chew — Love your caramels? Well you will love them even more when you hit the Caramel Chew bonus round.

This bonus feature is available to players who have earn a Level 2 status. Trigger this feature and watch as the caramel chews away everything in its path. This feature is open to Level 6 players and the gumdrop will suck up a number of candies in its path before finally exploding. Lollipop — Are you a lollipop kid? If so, you will love the lollipop bonus feature as it gives you a second chance for a big win.

The lollipop is open to all players. Hit a lollipop during your final spin and watch as it magically swirls the candies giving you another opportunity to strike it rich. Chocolate — Chocolate lovers beware — this feature is addicting. Land the piece of chocolate and watch as a 3 x 3 box appears. The pieces of candy will then melt into a smothering pool of chocolate, giving way to new symbols and perhaps more wins. Jawbreaker — The tooth chipping Jawbreaker symbol, available on Level 8 and up — gives players the opportunity to crush more symbols.

Hit this item and watch as the jawbreaker launches off the reels. White Chocolate — Available on Level 4 and up, the White Chocolate gives players the opportunity to complete combinations by launching almonds like missiles. Each target hit shatters and a new symbol appears. Players will automatically level up during normal game play. On the right side of the screen is your level up meter.

Freemium games have been hugely successful on mobile, and they account for around 79 percent of the overall revenue generated by games on the platform. Some of the best-known freemium games have also been the most successful apps for mobile over the years. One of the original and most famous titles was Candy Crush , which has been downloaded more than 2. Alternatively, they could buy more lives along with other power-ups for the game.

The offering from King sparked a number of other titles which used the freemium model. For mobile gaming, it has proved to be a sound pricing scheme.

The online casino industry has taken the idea of the freemium pricing system and used it to allow players to try games out for free before playing. This makes sense, as a lot of online casinos are now available to play from mobile. Real money games from well-known online casinos like Betway, Spin Palace Casino, and Casino Room often come with practice play options, allowing players to get the hang of the games before they use their own money. This is useful for online slot games, which frequently have different rules and feature, and helps players know exactly what to do when they have a decision to make concerning winning or losing money.

In addition to free play offerings, many websites also gift players free spins to use on online slot games. In fact, by using sites like free-spins. The slight difference between this and the freemium pricing system is the fact that, on most of the free spins promotions, players actually have a chance of winning some money, just as they would if they were staking their own funds.

It is worth reading the terms and conditions first, though, as these free spins are often subject to wagering requirements.

Play the popular Candy Crush IPhone game online. Crush the candy. Have Fun!