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Do you want this on your conscience? We may consider other points regarding gambling. But more importantly, the overwhelming majority of both Republicans and Democrats receive major campaign contributions from gambling interests. Investors receive their share of these profits in the form of dividends or increases in the value of the stock. The only possible reason why the money makes it more exciting, is that gamblers do care about the money! Paul tells us to run when we see temptation for this very reason, it is so easy to fall prey to any of the above, so best to stay away. In this study "gambling" refers to a wager or bet in which each player agrees to risk losing some material possession to other players in exchange for the chance to win the possessions of other players without compensation to the loser, the winner s and loser s being determined by the outcome of a game.

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Part II: Objections to Gambling

By zotah , January 23, in Theology. I've tried to find where in the Bible it says Gambling is a sin and I haven't had much luck. I've heard that gambling is a sin. Can anyone tell me where in scripture it shows this. If your looking to win allot of money to give to the church then your going to go broke trying. God can provide for his people with out us losing what we have. If the spirit of God convicts you then don't do it. If it promotes evil then yes it's a sin in it's self. The possibility of it becoming something sinful or displeasing to God is if one becomes so absorbed by the past-time to the exclusion of things that are important to God.

A man supporting his family who becomes so addicted to gambling and fails to be the husband, father and Christian he is supposed to be. Gambling is a strong addiction and one that can cause the breakdown of homes, marriages, relationships and it can also foster anger, abuse, and other crimes to support the habit. I think that is when it OR anything else we put before God and our families becomes sinful and harmful. Do I think buying a lottery ticket is sinful - not in and of itself - but if you are spending money that supports your family or that should be going to the Lord on lottery tickets If one craves the 'rush' they feel from gambling - to the exclusion of things that are pleasing to God - yes, it is a sin.

I don't believe gambling is a sin in and of itself, but I do believe if one is not careful they can become addicted. Yeah, I picked up on that as well Paul tells us to run when we see temptation for this very reason, it is so easy to fall prey to any of the above, so best to stay away.

Anything in moderation OK, Ok not everything, but a lot of things. I think having the occasional beer, or every now and again taking a Lottery ticket, is not sinning. If it begins to affect your walk, your finances, your relationships, we are in another whole different ballgame. So as Nebula so wisely said, tread carefully. And as Spurgeon said "Go nowhere you cannot go after having prayed first".

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