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As I've said many times, the above strategy will be fine under any set of rules. In Theory of Blackjack , Griffin provided refinements to this rule, namely that if the player's 11 is a or but not a or , it is also correct to double down in 2-deck. A person playing blackjack who has achieved a high level of card counting proficiency can often get an edge on the house. First, the trader must have an underlying strategy which is applied consistently through a trading plan. The Ace-Five card counting method Probabilities of dealer blackjack before peek 3a: But as soon as we get to 4 or more decks, the basic strategy for 9 v.

Optimal Blackjack Strategy with a Wagering Requirement

Composition-dependent expected returns for 1 to 8 decks Continuous shuffling machine vs. Value and strategy for and bonuses Risk of ruin statistics Probabilities in the first four cards Value of each initial player card House edge using total-dependent vs. Basic strategy when dealer exposes both cards The Ace-Five card counting method Basic strategy exceptions for three to six cards Blackjack splitting strategy when a back-player is betting Blackjack doubling strategy when doubling after splitting aces is allowed If a blackjack player does not have a person of this sort by his side, then the closest thing to a mentor could be the dealer.

Although dealers work for the casino, they would like to get a percentage of your winnings, which comes in form of blackjack tips. If a win occurs, then the dealer gets a nice tip. Learning from a dealer can be compared to learning from a business mentor telling one how to play the currency market. Visiting the casino to play the game of 21 and talking to the dealers on a regular basis, will give one insight on how the game functions. If one were to transfer what he learned from the dealer to the trading floor, then he would undoubtedly thrive in the currency exchange business.

Additionally, the prior advice and proper guidance would serve the trader a great deal, as he would be able to detect potential pitfalls, but also more importantly realize success once an opportunity is given. Along with other prominent players, Blair Hull also professed how he was far more successful in beating the house, when he would work with a team. Not only that, but when the team sticks with a predetermined and worked-out strategy, then the odds are substantially increased in favor of the team.

The bet size can increase drastically, if a group of people come together as a team to a blackjack table. By increasing the maximum bet size, this allows for players to wager more money collectively, without increasing the individual risk. Additionally, the team should employ smart strategies by only playing the hands that have a higher advantage.

Comparing this to FX trading, one can easily spot similarities. Working in a team will effectively decrease individual risk of losing out, and will benefit the group as a whole, as everyone stands to gain, even if one person does end up losing in a trade. Card counters who table hop and play only plus counts just about always double down on 9 v.

If you have just the slightest positive count, doubling down becomes the correct play. But, consider an Internet 4-deck game where I have a wagering requirement to fulfill. How should I play it? If, however, I violate standard basic strategy and double down on my 9 v. So, when there is a wagering requirement, basic strategy for the 4-deck game changes.

But, with 6 decks, if I double down on 9 v. The logic here does not require that you be down to the last two bets of a wagering requirement. As long as you are playing to meet a wagering requirement, and every additional bet double or split that you don't place on a hand where you have this option will require another bet on a random hand with the house edge, you will be in a situation where the value of doubling down or splitting must include the value of eliminating a random hand that must be played at the house advantage.

In any case, the value of following a Wagering Requirement Basic Strategy as opposed to a standard blackjack basic strategy where no wagering requirement is imposed is negligible.

But it does exist, and smart players may want to know about it. For those who are out there playing on bonuses with wagering requirements in Internet casinos, here are the changes:. Normal basic strategy with 9 v. With a wagering requirement, we should also double down in 4-deck games. Normal basic strategy with a total of 8 v. With a wagering requirement, we are correct to double down on 8 v. With more than 2 decks, it is not correct to double down on 8 v.

Double down on 11 v. A in a 2-deck game. Normal basic strategy is to double down on 11 v.