BJ Math for Dummies?

I think your search for mathematical understanding is a very natural progression that all serious players eventually realize. And I did not compute the chance of you would not bust but the dealer would hit a higher sum than you. Card counting is an advanced technique that demonstrates truly the usage of math in blackjack. Now--have I understood everything I read? Screws up my counting. Automatic Monkey , Aug 2, Have you read through Peter Griffin's Theory of Blackjack?

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Blackjack Math vs. Luck

I learned recently that I can backcount two almost-full 6D tables simultaneously, which was a very cool discovery. Now, if I could just learn to do that without looking so obvious, I might be able to do something with it. What I want to be able to do now is to analyze my game and find how I can make it stronger, and to analyze games available to me to find the best way of taking advantage, etc.

I want to understand Co-Variance, Certainty Equivalents, etc. I feel I need to go deeper now and without a background in math, I am finding it difficult. TwuntyWun , Aug 2, May your reach exceed your grasp. As for two books being more than enough, I guess I must be a an overachiever or b exceptionally dense as I have already read at least 8 and am still wanting to learn more.

Now--have I understood everything I read? Griffin makes me dizzy and I believe myself to be incapable of grasping it all without an understanding of the basic concepts. I also acknowledge and agree with you that the math is complex. But I don't accept that because others already understand it all and have boiled various parts of it down for people like me means I should not attempt to understand it all! I am grateful for your reaction to my question, because it has helped me to clarify my goals and reasons for pursuing them.

I am pretty determined to learn the math concepts myself and not rely completely on the Masters for spoon feeding me what they have determined I need to know. I have been among this group, and I'm looking to reach higher.

I recall a blessing that goes something like, "May your reach exceed your grasp. I'll check it out! All serious counter will reach the point you are at. You have learned the necessary skills and can execute them in a casino environment. There are many directions to branch off from this point. Many players will focus on their game and learn methods to become an even better player. They may learn more indices, try shuffle tracking or ace sequencing, or work out new acts that will allow them a greater bet spread.

Other players will begin to focus on the math stuff. This includes bankroll and bet sizing, risk of ruin analysis, EVs for different games or playing styles , etc. It sounds like you are in this group. Since you already have some software, that is the easiest way to compare games.

I have a spreadsheet that has the stats for all the different games I have ever seen. I have different pages for different numbers of decks and sections for different rules and bet spreads. This is good to know. I think your search for mathematical understanding is a very natural progression that all serious players eventually realize. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

You have made a perfect first step: Check out the link below. The math can be a little tricky at times, but the explanations are good. Remember - you don't need to understand every piece of a complicated formula, you just need to know how to make the formula work for you.

I don't understand half of the things that Griffin or Epstein say, but I know how to use their formulas to get the results I need. It is MUCH more fun to let someone else come up with the answers then just copy off of their paper! Be calm, don't have too much alcohol, and remember that the ace and ten-cards are the main cards that increase the dealer's odds of beating you.

You can have a lot of fun and win money if you pay attention. Remember that this game will not change whether you have a "warm" or "cool" dealer or if your table is a specific color or position in the casino.

If you understand math, particularly if you know statistics, you will have success at the 21 table. Now that you know how important mathematics is in a game of blackjack, it's time to move from theory to practice and play some hands. Below, you can see the three best online blackjack sites available this month: Not available in your region. Subscribe to our newsletter list and get the latest casino news, strategies and special offers sent directly to your inbox!

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We recommend Wagering Requirements: Learn more Got it. In this case, the child can recreate the same problem with lower numbers and then draw the picture to figure out the operation needed to solve the problem.

Once the child knows the correct operation, he can plug in the larger numbers. Drawing a picture of the problem gives children a way to see what the problem is actually asking. Drawing a picture helps them clearly see what is going on in the problem and for many children makes it easier to solve.

When working with your children or students, show them examples such as one of the ones below of how to underline keywords and relevant information, and how to draw their math problems. After you have shown the child a few examples, let them try to apply this strategy on their own to different problems.

If they have difficulty finding the keywords, relevant information, or drawing the pictures, guide them through the process, giving them as much assistance as necessary. As their ability to use this strategy improves, gradually fade out your guidance. When a person can explain a concept themselves, you know they truly understand it.

The word problems below have the keywords and relevant information underlined. Addition Tanya likes to go to the park and look at the clouds in the sky. This week she saw 3 clouds on Monday , 1 cloud on Tuesday , and 4 clouds on Wednesday. How many clouds did she see in all? Subtraction Jimmy picked 10 apples from a tree and put them in his basket.

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