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Those verses, however, do not only carry the language of numbers but also carry some thing like what we call "data" or "programs" that can deal with the cells. The Holy Quran has also awakened the sense of creativity inside me and all these articles I wrote in a short period were the result of reading and listening to the Holy Quran constantly. Go ahead and get it done now. Click the application and follow on-screen instructions to play it. Now you can easily make the time spent by your kids in front of mobile productive and make them learn Islam.

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Mustafa Ismail Islamic Audio App is integrated with www. Please donate by visiting www. His fame started in in all Delta corners. He was invited to make a recitation of Quran in Cairo where he became very well known.

Since the year , Mustafa Ismail became the reciter of the King Farouk and thus, the first reciter of Egypt. In spite of his popularity and exceptional quality of his recitation, it is hard to take his records outside Egypt. In his death, he was the official reciter of Az-Azhar mosque in Cairo.

Online education is not a new concept. Join hundreds of people that are benefiting from the technological advancements of today by learning Quran online. All you need is a computer and high speed Internet connection to listen and learn from a qualified instructor using unique online learning tools. I was desperate and wanted my two boys to learn how to read Quran. You where the only one that could make that happened. We must embrace the book of Allah and have Quran Learning as our number one priority in every sphere of our lives.

This is because the book of Allah, the Quran gives us the complete guidance to lead our lives, whether in happiness or troubles we turn to the Quran for support, and showing us the way. Children and adults are encouraged to Learn the Quran and for those adults who did not get an opportunity to learn the Quran in their youth can make use of Online Quran Classes and Tajweed Classes online. They not only ingrain a sense of the importance of the book and learning it in Arabic but also focus on making the person Learn Quran with Tajweed.

Step by Step Salat is a mobile app that will guide you about how to pray in Islam. Using step by step Salat will help you fulfill the obligation of Islamic prayer. Each step of Salat is described in this smartphone app in form of pictures with elaborated description. This app has word by word recitation, translation and transliteration of daily duas for Muslims Read more It is a free app designed by QuranReading.

This app has been designed in light of increasing need of Islamic educational apps in the smartphone app market. Get Free Trial Classes. Sahih Bukhari This app has the Hadiths collected by Imam Bukhari in form of Books and chapters, which are divided on the basis of relative topics that are discussed.

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